Shuttermagik is the brainchild of Anuj Sahai. An engineer/photographer/cinematographer, Anuj  had always been very different when it came to understanding life and its Nitti gritties. A focussed and passionate person, he always dreamt of becoming an automobile engineer. Once he put his mind to something, he would strive till he achieved it. He went to USA for his Masters and worked with the best of automotive corporate giants.  But as they say, life had other plans and he discovered his interest in photography.  In the start it was just a hobby, where he, experimented with cameras and most of his subjects being his family members or the elements of nature around him. Soon he realized that there is so much more to this art and started investing long hours into the night, understanding the minute details of photography. He trained himself in cinematography, fundamentals of posing, science around lighting and other such details of this art. Initially he tried his hand at Landscape Photography, where he travelled through canyons of Arizona,USA to glaciers of Iceland, capturing the wonders of nature. His work was recognized by international Landscape Photography Magazines and many more landscape photography competitions. This gave him the confidence that his skill and creativity could be built upon. His eye for details and knack to work around the tiniest of elements of a photograph was something that set him apart from others. And as life played along, many of his friends approached him to cover their special moments and he discovered his interest in wedding photography, this was followed by maternity shoots, travel photography, couple shots, pre wedding shots and immense appreciation for his work.


Today, his passion has made him find his way back home with a bigger dream and he has an unquenchable thirst and dedication for days together to deliver the best of his work. He has built his whole world around his passion and has put his will and wit to his art. From perfectly directing a shot, to detailed work around chemistry of his clients, to understanding their personalities and making them shoot in comfort, capturing moments blending all aspects to tell a beautiful story. His work successfully engrosses the viewer to live the stories of each client in the way they experience it themselves. To check out his work please click here.

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